At Hoova Hygiene, our focus is to provide the best possible medical waste management service. We offer the assurances that your medical waste is professionally dealt with by our dedicated team of technicians. Hoova Hygiene will ensure that your medical waste requirement are met and we utilise the very latest technologies to reduce landfill waste and stay ahead of any legislative changes. We provide an audit trail from the point of collection to ultimate clinical waste disposal in compliance with the regulators. Medical waste includes dental and pharmaceutical Waste.

Sharps Box Disposal

The disposal of sharps and how you approach it says a great deal about how seriously your organisation takes the health and safety of your staff and the general public. It is vitally important to ensure that you're disposing of sharps in a safe manner using a sharps container to eliminate the risks associated with the handling of sharps. As the demand for Sharps disposal increase exponentially due to coronavirus vaccinations, there are a growing number of institutions that would benefit from effective sharps containers including hospitals, care homes, pharmacies and other vaccine sites.

Hoova Hygiene can supply the required boxes and also safely remove the waste as part of our managed service. In addition to supplying the boxes, our trained hygiene technicians will discreetly collect your waste on a flexible service schedule as we understand there may be fluctuations in demand. Our collection frequencies include weekly, fortnightly and monthly service options to suit your business' requirements.

What are Sharps?

"Sharps" is the medical term used for any device that has a sharp point or edges that can puncture the skin. This includes needles, syringes, scalpels, razor blades, glass and lancets. If you use anything with a sharp edge that can cut the skin then it needs to be treated as sharps waste and safely managed.