Making sure all women and girls can manage their periods safely and dispose of waste safely and hygienically should be a top priority for all organizations and Learning Institutions. In addition to providing the basics such as soap and sanitising solutions and water, providing clean and hygienic sanitary waste units in all washrooms on your premises goes a long way in showing that you care for your staff, visitors, learners, and customers.

Hoova Hygiene seeks to understand your sanitary needs and provide the sanitary bins that suit all washroom environments. This ensures you can meet the needs of all your washroom users, adhere to legislation and deliver the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Our Sanitary Approach

Hoova Hygiene provide the most hygienic and environmentally friendly services; managed by our trained hygiene stewards. Our sanitary service gives you complete control and ownership of your units as they stay on your premises, however our stewards will make sure your bins look good as new every time they attend your site to service them, whether you need 1 or 1000 units. We can also provide servicing if you have single or multiple-site locations for your business.

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If you require reliable and efficient sanitary bin services for your business or learning institution, start a conversation to get started.